About Us is a niche dedicated online business to business platform that caters to the requirements of cosmetic and skin care industry.


Flanzy is listed among one of the most prominent online B2B trading platforms that exclusively deals around the line of cosmetic and personal care items. We deliver what others can only offer, providing a facile and feasible platform for both the wholesale cosmetic manufacturers and suppliers across the world to interact and connect with each other. We inert keen focus on innovation and aim to revamp the troubled conventional trading module by providing the exceptional value to our clients.

Accredited to be the leading cosmetic trading portal, we have mustered up the most comprehensive and detailed directory of excellent quality products from the best manufacturers and suppliers of the industry. We benefit from the massive product directory that is inclusive of millions and millions of quality products for both men and women. Our platform offers excellent quality products from all the major well-known and reputable brands. Whether you already have a preferred label or you wish to explore through the vast directory of internationally well-received suppliers, join us and enjoy the trade at its best.


Innovation and convenience are the two key points responsible for the immense success of our platform. We adhere to the exact expectations of our client base and provide all the wholesale cosmetic importers, buyers or retailers with the most continent way of online bulk shopping. A multitude of numerous elite brands and manufacturers are presenting their best cosmetic collection on our platform; you can expect to find quality items in all variations. Whether you wish to buy Hypo-Allergenic makeup articles or you want to purchase from Fragrance-Free collection, we have it all stacked for you.

From the trend of the market, far sight vision, and astute marketing solutions, we are helping innumerable manufacturers and buyers to get what they strive for. Capture the attention of your targeted audience and supply them with the best cosmetic and personal care items from the optimal brands or manufacturers hinged on our platform.


FLANZY is a comprehensive B2B marketplace having vast years of expertise in Cosmetics, Perfume, Cleaning and Hygiene sector. The digital trading platform is intelligently designed and developed to address fierce business competition by providing a safe, fast, reliable and authentic medium of trading. FLANZY is integrated with all new advance features and functionalities that have never been offered by any other B2B portal. Thanks to FLANZY , the manufacturers doing business in the Cosmetics, Perfume, Cleaning and Hygiene sector expand their market shares to far destinations such as Sub-Saharan Africa, the Far East, Central and South America, in addition to the countries in the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Central Asia. It is a platform that provides the information of international professional buyers such as the leading importers, distributors, wholesalers, retail & pharmacy chains of the sector and many more from over 150 countries.

FLANZY is structured to be one of the most transparent global B2B marketplace converging millions of potential wholesalers, buyers & sellers under one hood. We are committed to provide authentic, fast and innovative trading solutions with all new and smart features making trading even effective.

FLANZY is a distinguished B2B platform bridging buyers with effective digital solutions and services for better brand development. We have redefined the global trade with value added services like Digital Branding, community & reputation management.

FLANZY is an online B2B platform for international exporters, Manufacturers from Cosmetics, Perfume, Cleaning & Hygiene sectors looking to start new business and to promote their products & services around the world. 

As per our years of expertise in the sector we created FLANZY which easily brings the entire world within your reach. It is an export oriented international online B2B platform. 

FLANZY is a distinguished place for all international manufacturers & exporters of the sector to find new buyers & distributors worldwide. It is the best online expo for manufacturers & exporters to create new business relations finding professional buyers & distributors without physical presence in a very economical cost.



We all are aware of finding the right customers in your targeted market might be a long process. That is why we are here for you! Here are the benefits of FLANZY to your company;

• You may promote your company in many places, however FLANZY is the perfect B2B platform that provides you with accessing to worldwide companies & professional buyers in very effective & economical way.

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